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Sensualist 's filled , dissolute informal appearance , drawings bloody T-shirt, fake leather pants , free from traditional constraints , the absolute attitude of resistance in the end , is the interpretation of individual brands vivienne westwood important opera. That the use of " decadent ," " abnormal ," " deviant" and other vivienne westwood shoes words to describe Westwood clothing , and never too much. Because she was the kind of varying lengths, outlandish , no tricks of fashion clothing really shocked the West , people can not compliment her masterpiece , but can not be thinking of her unique designs and awe . Regardless of the design for Westwood favor or fear , but people had to admit her rare perversity quirky design ideas for today's fashion industry contribution. The irony is that this is melissa vivienne westwood actually the top of a fashion guru has never been a little bit formal tailoring of education, which is a self-taught model. She admits: "I have no interest in tailoring , just like the clothes will be put on the body tugging back and forth ." She does not have the traditional cloth tailoring, but with the cut in order to pin pinned cloth design, this based on actual operating experience in tailoring approach makes her a great deal in 1979 to complete demolition of edge T-shirt .